Copywriting Vs Content Writing: Difference, Relation and Which One to Use?

The world of online marketing has been receiving various accreditations, and today people are interested in exploring more about it. And, as said – ‘Content is King’, it is considered one of the strongest pillars in digital marketing. The expansion of online marketing increased the demand for content and highlighted content writing as a profession – paving the way to new scopes. However, we realize that not every content online is good enough to bring you the desired results. Generally, when your purpose behind writing is more than just educating the readers but wanting them to take action, copywriting satisfies the deed. Well, if you’ve landed on this blog, searching for copywriting vs content Writingcongratulation, we have a long answer ready for you. 

The success of content depends not only on its quality but length, criteria of usage, tone, and keywords also play a crucial role. There is a common myth among people that both contents writing and copywriting are the same thing. 

When it comes to content writing vs copywriting there are stark differences between the two. However, both are very important, and you need to understand both skills minutely to excel. Some might wonder whether the difference between the two even matters. However, these are the small specifications that make content brilliant. 

In this article, we have tried covering the difference between the two is and how they are related to each other. So that you can comprehend how to use copywriting and content writing and what— skills need you to enhance. Yes, both involve writing. The ingredients are no doubt similar, but what differs is the way of cooking, and hence ultimately the taste. A lot also depends upon your skills and the ability to craft creative ones. There is no such concept as one is better than the other. However, learning both of them is mandatory, specifically if you want to have a career in this genre.

Copywriting Vs Content Writing

What is Copywriting?

If you have done only a little bit of research, you would know that the concept of copywriting, or specifically SEO copywriting, is very prevalent. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a good copywriter can sell almost anything. It is not any particular product or scheme but as a whole aim towards the entire concept of marketing. When it comes to SEO-based copywriting, the name only justifies what the processes are about. It is generally aiming towards copywriting keeping the norms of Search Engine Optimization in mind. 

When you create content specifically focused on Search Engine optimization, the results are better + they are more visible. Do you remember the last time that you bought something? Well, was it the product itself, or did the title convince you to buy? 

Most of us do have smartphones today. More often than not, many of us go for unnecessary shopping even though we do not need them. It is because we do get appealing messages like Buy two pay for one” or “Free shipping! Hurry up, limited stocks only!. These are all examples of effective copywriting because the ultimate aim is to attract buyers and make them take action. In most simple words, content writing is like a big tree, and one of the spreads out branches is known as copywriting. 

You have to understand as well that copywriting and copyrighting are also two very different concepts. When it comes to copyright, it is usually the process by which an owner has rights over any of his/her creativity. It could be a book, picture or anything else. Copywriting is usually required in many online content sectors, and some of the most common ones are:

  1. Paid Advertising
  2. Brochures
  3. Websites
  4. E-commerce portals
  5. Blogs and much more.

Nevertheless, copywriting is almost required in most areas of online content. The language also has to be kept in mind when you are involved in copywriting. It has to be structured as such that people get persuaded to buy. The language has to be somewhat simple but also creative and unique at the same time. 

Key Points to Keep in Mind While Focusing on Copywriting:

  1. Pitch: Remember, the ultimate goal of copywriting is to sell the desired product or scheme. Hence you have to ensure that you pitch the sale in the right way. Ensure that you do not make it too obvious, as in that case, the buyers might lose interest. You have to make it interesting so that they feel the urge to at least tap on the product/link.
  1. Make it Crisp and to the point: It is always advised that you do not elongate a Copywriting assignment unnecessarily. It usually ruins the entire process of building a connection through copywriting. Keep the portion small yet try to convey the meaning to the readers. And usually short and crisp copy do the job perfectly, as they do not consume readers’ much time and focus. 
  1. Keep the Requirements of SEO in Mind: If you are involved in SEO copywritingremember that the principles have to be used in the right way. If you have keywords, use them strategically so that the best impact is guaranteed. The best part about Search Engine Optimization is if you work on it the right way, it brings you to get really good results. All you need to do is use them organically so that there are no doubts about your originality.
  1. Understand Your Audience: When you go for copywriting, you will understand that the ultimate judges will be your readers. Hence you have to ensure that the copywriting is done in a way to caters well to the audience. When you get a desired product or scheme try to figure out who the actual target audience would be. Once you have been able to assist, the process will become a little bit easier. You can then easily move forth and also be compliant with the needs of the readers. 

What is Content Writing?

Anything that you see on the internet counts as content. It could be an article, a blog, or even an online advertisement. Honestly speaking, it is one of the most viable methods of marketing used widely currently. When it comes to content, it is a huge term and covers a wide range of specifications under it. If you start with content writing, you will notice that there are constant scopes of improvement. Unlike copywriting, writing style also changes frequently, and you cater to a bigger and more vivid set of audiences. One has to understand that each content is focused on different genres of the client. Hence it is important to cater to the individualistic needs of each client and create content that complies with those needs.  

Having a career in the field of content writing is complex and yet extremely rewarding. The challenges that come are quite a bit, however, there is always a chance for betterment. Just because it is centered around so many various genres that the audience base is also very vivid. It does not matter if you are a freelancer or someone who is working with a content writing company. The point here is that you will have a good flow of work.

However, in copywriting, it is often a possibility that you have to work with companies looking to promote themselves. Content writing is an indispensable component of digital marketing, and hence it has received so much positive acclaim. 

You might ask why content writing is so important? After all, the innate need of making people purchase things is getting fulfilled with copywriting alone. Honestly, content writing does not involve relentlessly writing about one single topic. It usually requires quite a bit of creativity and hard work. Before you publish content, devour the topic minutely and understand what the needs are. Creating content that is not compliant with the principles will be rendered useless. 

There are some pillars for content creation, and these are created keeping in mind the changing demands of the same. It is also essential to look after the uniqueness factor. Try to refrain from making plagiarized content as that creates a poor impression and marks your content. SEO-based content writing is focused on getting a better ranking with the help of search engine optimization. You use keywords or optimize the length as such that it facilitates the ranking. The more organically you can incorporate them, the better outcome it will have on your rankings. 

The content should have a lasting impression on the audience. However, it is easier said than done. There is a high-end competition out there. Companies are set to grab the attention of users, with various methods. And hence even if you are using all the right tools, yet end up with zero results. Digital marketing is highly dependent on good content. If you are able in this field, there will be no dearth of good work. 

Some of The Few Tricks That Seem to Work Like A Charm Include:

Make the Headline Catchy 

Make the title so compelling that your readers are forced to click it. There is ample content available on the digit space. Give your readers a reason as to why they should tap on your content. After all, your content has to be a bit unique so that it does not seem to be mundane. 

Avoid Too Many Flowery Words

Unlike, copywriting where using a bit of flowery language works well, avoid using them in content. Why so? As contents are usually read by a host of people, and bombarding them with too many heavy words is never a good idea. It should be simple enough so that they can comprehend and process whatever information you are conveying. Remember, unlike copywriting, the purpose of content writing is to provide basic information. 

Do Not Shift from The Topic

Too many writers seem to deviate from the topic. They usually incorporate things that are not necessary and sparsely related to the topic. In such a scenario, you must keep up to the point. Shifting from the topic will deviate the attention of your readers. Hence, you stick to the point as much as possible.  

The Length Matters

 Previously, there was a common misconception that the ideal content length should be less. However, that is not something that has strong grounds. Currently, lengthy blog posts or articles earn more points in search engines. Wondering why? Because these contents get better optimized by the search engine and hence render excellent results. You have to keep in mind that the need for every profile, be it blogs, articles or website content is different. Hence, you need to study well and make out what works best for you and the topic you are working on.

Writing More Makes You Perfect

We have already discussed that content writing is a field where the more you work, the better you polish your skills. The more clients you deal with, you will understand that the sectors are vivid, and hence you must focus on each of them minutely. As you work more in this field, the basics will also keep getting polished. Along with the basics, you can develop better skills that can be a great addition to your portfolio. 

Copywriting vs Content Writing – The Difference

Above, we’ve tried explaining the difference between copywriting vs content writing is. Even though both concepts involve writing and are crucial pillars of marketing, there is a stark difference between them. Now, let’s focus on how these two concepts are different from each other and explore Copywriting Vs Content Writing in-depth:

Purpose of the Genres

Some people use both the terms in an overlapping manner and hence commit a grave mistake. Yes, both copywriting vs content writing is indeed required in the online world, and yes, both of them also involve writing. However, you have to understand that the purpose why they are used is very different. It is no surprise that not every form of content creation is the same, and the audience decides what the genre will be and how it has to be framed better. While the major purpose of content writing is for entertainment or educational purposes, the pillar of Copywriting is completely on marketing or selling purposes. Remember that copywriting has to be in a more compelling tone so that the ones reading it has an affinity towards making the purchase. 

The Difference in Length

This is another area of stark difference when we talk about copywriting vs content writing We have already discussed that the purpose of content writing is majorly focused on educational or entertainment purposes. Hence, it is given that this particular genre will be a little bit lengthier. Usually, Content has to incorporate a lot of relevant information, and hence it is okay or rather desired that it is lengthy. It could range from as low as 500, and depending on the demands of the topic, it can go up to five thousand as well. However, you have to understand that the topic is a key player in this aspect as it decides a lot. Whereas in copywriting, it is a bit short and crisp. Hence, the requirement is somewhat commercial. It is another place of difference as content writing is not that commercial in nature.

Search Engine Optimization

Yes, there is a concept of search engine optimization in both Content writing and Copywriting. However, most experts do accept that it is better suited for content writing than copywriting. Why so? Let us get into the depth more! 

For better SEO and ranking on the search engines, the content has to be of top-notch quality. If you employ the correct principles, the rankings for your website will shoot up high. The major reason why search engine optimization is better for content writing is that it offers an added value. When you have lengthier content, the chances of organically incorporating the principles manifold. Also, because the purpose of content writing is not commercial, search engine optimization works much better. You have to understand that Copywriting is more commercial, and therefore, search engine optimization is not best suited for it. It, however, does not mean that content writing does not need any marketing input. Simply put, for content writing, you need to camouflage the needs more indirectly. 

Copywriting is Content Writing, But Content Writing is Not Only Copywriting

It is a principle that you have to keep in mind when it comes to understanding the difference between copywriting and content writing. Copywriting, as we discussed is a branch under content writing, while creating content will usually require doing much more than just selling the product. You have to be creative and study the topic in-depth so that better results can be rendered. It is also very important that you offer the readers a different style every time to bring variation to your content. The more unique you can create it, the better impact it leaves on readers and the search engine. 

So, Does That Mean They Have No Relationship Altogether?

Just like it is a myth that content writing and Copywriting are similar, it is a myth that they have nothing in common. It can be safely said that there is an extensive relationship shared between the two concepts. 

We have already discussed that the purposes of both genres are very different. However, it would be an exaggeration to say that there are zero commercial edges to content writing. Yes, you inform the readers about your product or scheme by crafting it in a way that has a subtle emphasis on its promotion. In both fields, you have to have a grip on good writing skills, because that only will decide whether you can retain readers or not!

Both content writing and Copywriting are crucial pillars of content creation and intricate parts of digital marketing. Hence, despite the difference, you have to ensure that both are used in the right way. Undoubtedly, creating content by following the principles and requirements will render good results. However, do try that none of these get overlapped as then the outcomes would be catastrophic. It is always advised that you read about the specifications in-depth, and then analyze what will be more appropriate – content writing or copywriting?

At RedGrass Digital Solutions, our professionals understand the difference between copywriting and content writing very clearly. They ponder upon the content requirements and then proceed with the right concept. If you are looking to educate, entertain your readers, and want them to take action, we know what to do. Get in touch with us at or call on +91-8130759564 to discuss your project.

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